Services Offered

  • Pet care consultation to ensure that the services offered are what you want and expect
  • PRIMA bathing and massage using the highest quality all natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Blueberry Facial (This is a relaxing, tearless, all natural aromatherapeutic, hypoallergenic face-brightening massaging treatment for your pet)
  • Warm-air hand drying (NO cage drying)
  • Humane brushing of any type of coat 
  • Pet is groomed by hand with clippers and scissors (Unless given specific trimming directions, groomer will give standard cut according to breed and gender)
  • Ears cleaned, deodorized and ear hair removed
  •  Nails clipped
  •  Paw pad clipping
  •  Freshening of breath
  •  Cologne
  •  Bow or Bandana
  • Many extras, for a fee, include: teeth brushing, nail grinding, deep conditioning treatment, oatmeal anti-itch bath, hand scissor styling, flea dip, medicated bath, de-matting, and hand stripping

The Pampered Pet

Mobile pet Grooming salon & spa

Service Areas:

  • Nassau County
  • Western Suffolk County
  • South Shore Long Island