The Pampered Pet

Mobile pet Grooming salon & spa

How it works.

  • Revolutionary new patented bathing technology leaving the animal cleaner and healthier than ever.
  • Removes loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris for the healthiest skin possible.
  • Exclusive Inject-air technology thoroughly penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin.
  • Get a cleaner dog without the extra work of pre-wetting and scrubbing.
  • Because Prima is non- recirculating you'll never wash a dog using dirty water.
  • Prima 's low water consumption is perfect for mobile groomers.
  • Switch between multiple shampoos and conditioners easily through-out the day.

It gives pets a better bath while you save time and money.

Prima is a state-of-the-art development in professional bathing for dogs and cats. This unique system produces a combing action flow of shampoo and water through a hand held massage sprayer. The gentle bathing solution penetrates through the coat for a thorough cleaning and relaxing massage. Invigorating jet action removes loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. Pets love the massage like treatment!

Prima’s bathing can also be a wonderful treatment for dry, flaking, itching and irritated skin. The effectiveness of a medicated shampoo is greatly enhanced by gently washing away the dead, flaking skin during the Prima procedure. Regularly scheduled Prima’s baths (i.e. once or twice weekly) are recommended for chronic skin problems. You’ll notice the difference! Prima’s revolutionary way of bathing animals for the new millennium. The exclusive Inject- Air Technology fuses a constant supply of fresh water, shampoo and air through a specialized venturi. This unique fusion process produces a sudsing, combing action spray which easily penetrates through the hair and down to the skin. The shampoo mixed with the water breaks up oils that hold the dirt into the coat which allows the pressure to actively remove the dirt while bathing. With a quick turn of a dial, the fresh water cycle is activated for a final clean rinse. This system can be used with up to four different products such as shampoos, conditioners and medicated solutions for general and skin treatment bathing, wound irrigation and pre-surgical prep. It is very user friendly and makes bathing less time consuming and more profitable.